Discover some of the best foods and drinks that have amazing dental health benefits

Did you know that many foods and beverages we consume regularly can have unexpected health benefits for our dental health? Why not learn more about some popular foods and drinks below?

The following information is from an article published by the Oral Health Foundation.

Below are Food and Drinks Good for Your Oral Health

Dairy Products including Milk, Yogurt and cheese

Any kind of healthy dairy product is high in calcium, which helps to strengthen your bones and teeth, showing significant oral health benefits. Yoghurts and cheese are both excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as being soft enough for teeth that require additional care. Milk is also healthy for your teeth because it includes almost the same minerals and vitamins, making it one of the best foods for dental care.

Leafy Green vegetables like Spinach

Any dark, green vegetable is beneficial to both your health and your teeth. While spinach is well-known for its iron content, it also includes significant levels of calcium, which aids in enamel rebuilding. Others in this group include but are not limited to, kale and collard greens.


Healthy snacks like almonds, which are high in calcium, can help with a variety of tooth ailments and promote strong teeth, underscoring their oral health benefits. These are great for your teeth since they have a high concentration of calcium and protein while being low in sugar. Sugar can harm teeth by increasing acidity in the mouth and negatively damaging enamel.


Salmon is widely recognised as a nutritious food due to its high protein and low-fat content, contributing significantly to oral health benefits. Protein can help gums revitalise since it is required to rebuild damaged muscle tissue throughout the body. It also contains vitamin D, which aids the body’s ability to absorb calcium, resulting in healthy teeth and bones and highlighting its oral health benefits.

Crunchy Carrots

Carrots have health advantages for a number of reasons, particularly when eaten raw. Their crunchy texture can help clean your teeth by acting as a natural toothbrush; however, you should still brush your teeth and floss carefully to remove food particles. Chewing may help in massaging your gums, which improves their health and blood circulation. This vegetable contains keratin and vitamin A, which can help restore tooth enamel and contribute to the overall health benefits of your dental care.

Any Type of Lean Meat

Lean meats, such as chicken, are an excellent source of protein for your teeth and gums. It is also high in phosphorus, which is a dietary mineral that aids in bone formation and remodelling. Without phosphorous, your teeth may chip easily, even if you consume a lot of calcium and vitamin D.


Celery and carrots are similar in their ability to affect your teeth. It also contains a good amount of vitamin K and calcium. Vitamin K helps calcium move around the body more efficiently. Celery can also help fight gum disease and promote saliva production but talk to your dentist about what is best for you.

Black and Green Tea

Drinking green and black tea can improve your oral health. This is because the drink contains no sugar, assuming you haven’t added any and can help maintain saliva in your mouth while reducing its acidity. It can also help wash away dental plaque and minimise cavities, which is beneficial for anyone’s mouth. Tea is also a natural source of fluoride, which strengthens enamel.


They, like carrots mentioned before in this article, can benefit your teeth by working as a natural toothbrush, but to a lesser level depending on the kind, helping remove food particles. Because they have low acidity levels, unlike oranges, they may keep not only the doctor away but also the dentist. Oranges, while highly healthy and not too sugary, can influence your teeth by increasing acidity levels in your mouth, which may contribute to tooth decay if not rinsed away with water. Over time, this can wear down your enamel; staying hydrated with water may help with this.


Last but not least, water is the best drink for both teeth and overall hydration, so it helps to clean your teeth and gives your skin a healthy glow too! Bacteria can accumulate in your mouth throughout the day, and drinking water helps your saliva replenish and perform its function of restoring your mouth to a normal PH level. Unlike other soft drinks, it has little potential to cause tooth damage because it is not acidic.

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